Principal Message

A school is a miniature society. A residential school offers significant, connected, relevant and challenging environment to a learner and s/he learns the empirical concepts of civilisation and nature more experientially. A learner comes to a school with lots of expectations. The society wants sharper students more and more in number. Expectations from the learners are not limited to academic excellence. The family wants a well behaved child. The society wants a tolerant mind in the learner, a fit body, a multi-skilled hand, a problem solver, a positive communicator, a calculated risk taker, a critical thinker, a creative and innovative person to develop in every person. The challenges are sky high. A school arranges learning opportunities through well designed curricular, co-curricular and non-curricular activities for the development of a knowledgeable man, a global citizen.

New learners are being trained experientially under the guidance of skilled teachers to mould them into independent, critical and creative thinkers and performers. Our specialities are in our well designed curriculum ensuring intellectual growth in every learner giving exposure to life situations through varied academic activities, preparing them for a competitive life through various healthy academic and non academic competitions.

The learners enjoy a very friendly and collaborative environment in the hostels. Learners enjoy global variety in food. The school offers a safe stay inside the campus under surveillance camera in presence of security guards.

The best available teachers are recruited and trained regularly. Processes and methodologies are regulated and audited at regular intervals In all the learners find a happy learning environment in the school, produce good academic results and become life long learners and global citizens.


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Mr Dhruba Das
G.D. Goenka International School, Nainital