Medical Support

Our Family's Health is Our Wealth!

At GDGISN a child is not only nurtured to grow into an intelligent and a intellectual human being, he/she is equally looked after to grow up physically fit and strong! to ensure the same, we have an in house doctor and a nurse who conduct medical checkups of the children at regular intervals.

Eye and dental checkups are conducted twice a year. Health records are maintained and handed over to the parents to keep them updated about their wards health. In addition, a stand by vehicle is always ready to transport anyone in need of additional attention. The medical provision for children is of foremost concern in terms of care of child and life saving. The School's unparalleled health care facilities comprise of a spacious well equipped medical centre handled by a doctor and qualified nurse, child's health is regularly monitored by a team of specialist doctors as a preventive and prescriptive measure. Well qualified Counselors cater to all age group of students and teachers for a balanced mental health as well as behavior modification and guidance. The Guidance and Career counseling department helps every student to explore possibilities that are commensurate with their respective skills and abilities. The Counselors provide support that enables the students to become more aware of their strengths and interests