• Our Discipline Policy
  • GDGISN has a very clear cut discipline policy which inculcates good behavior and discipline among the students and make them a better human being in the society. Our discipline policy GDGISN believe in imbibing self –discipline. Tools created by the school like the reflection sheets and the behavior journal helps the students and their hostel wardens maintain and record the student’s behavior. Their credit rating on a daily bases entitles them to earn their breakfasts, lunch, snacks and dinners in the school dinning hall.

  • Peace Curriculum
  • "Creating a safe, peaceful environment is step one in supporting education for peace.the teachers at GDGISN are trained to use vocabulary,sharing of experiences to achieve this goal. It builds character,team building,leadership etc.the use of soothing music & yoga are all part of the tai experience."

  • Silence Time

    Whether it is managing negative emotions, claiming our minds are touching deep level of creativity and Focus , there has never been a more potent process than silence. As a first step in this direction we have stated observing silence time twice a day at school.

  • Residential life is an integral parts of the G D Goenka International School Nainital experience. GDGISN is a school where we believe in creating a friendly and supporting atmosphere where there is room for each student to make unique contribution where each students can make a unique contribution to community life. Students are considered for boarding from Class – I onward and live in hostels in various parts of the campus as per their age and gender. Our residence staff, and disciplined environment for the children where they learn to communicate, build life long bonds, and grow into responsible adults. The school believes in secularism and believes that individuals or bonded by moral values, and not religion. Each child is free to follow the family faith and religion.

G D Goenka International School Almanac 2022-23

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