• Academic Curriculum

    The school follows the CBSE curriculum from Grade I to XII.

  • Teaching Methodology

    The teaching staff at GDGISN use the latest methods and Strategies to enable students to understand their subjects and to achieve their goals. The school believes in Experiential Learning. These include lectures, demonstrations, presentations, group- discussions, classroom activities and projects. Students are encouraged to use the latest technologies to enhance their skills.

  • Examination Schedule

    The school conducts three test, a half yearly examination and a final examination as per cbse norms. Periodic Tests are also conducted after completion of every chapter. Holiday assignments are compulsory.

  • MAD (Music, Art , Dance) & Theatre

    GDGISN has an accomplished faculty in the fine arts and the students are encouraged to take part in all these activities.

    Participation in such activities are necessary for building and developing self-confidence, developing skills in memory, promoting self-motivation and self-expression.

    They help in overcoming fears and anxieties about public speaking.

  • Silence Time

    Our students follow 10 minutes of silence time each evening before Academic Preparatory classes. This is a time for collecting thoughts, training minds, and deciding how to enter the day. During Silence Time, our students learn that silence refreshes the soul, reduces stress, and makes us feel connected. They understand that talking requires energy and by observing silence, they can limit themselves to speaking only when it's important and when they have a worthy contribution to make.

  • Smart Class

    A classroom has students with different levels of understanding and learning. For some students, it becomes difficult to study from notes and other materials. Usage of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students.
    Smart class is an advanced technology implementation for schools, which provides tools and other contents for the students' learning using latest media presentations. These classrooms are also called digital or new media classrooms.
    All our classes are smart classes.