Kaleidoscope- the year that has gone by

The academic year 2019-20 was filled with different exciting events and activities that made it an amazing learning and enjoyable session. Schools do not just teach us 2×2=4, but also morals, survival skills, social skills, etc. In addition, extra curricular activities materialize here which help students to transpire their real interest and hobbies. These activities are a very essential fragment of our school which cannot be overstated. Out with the old and in with the new session, the series of activities began with the arrival of wonderful opportunity in the beginning of May with the invitation of G.D. Goenka Grandeur at Vasant Kunj, Delhi. It provided the privilege to students of class lX-XII to showcase their talents in field of art, dance and public speaking. Being on the opinion that 'Practice makes Perfect' school had form various activitiy clubs held every alternate day. It helped us to keep working on our talents continuously. Keeping the spirit of yoga alive, the school organized a Yoga session on May 31. We were taught various asanas starting with warming up and stretchings. Several days of exciting learning was established through a 'Debate Workshop' for classes VI-XII in June. The workshop helped to enhance our creativity and confidence in presentation, negotiation, speaking in public and voicing our opinions. Believing the fact 'The key to safety is in your hands' and keeping it a priority our school associated with an organization known as Safe Campus which arranged self-defense training every once in a while. This activity included all the students, teachers, office staffs as well as the entire helping staffs. MUN(Model United Nations) provides a unique window of opportunity to the students who possess the power to debate to exhibit and brush up it. This year our school participated in two MUNs organized by Genesis Global School and GD Goenka World School held in September and November respectively. Yet another wonderful opportunity knocked at the door in September and this time it was to welcome the team from Mokopane English Combined School, South Africa as it was a South African Inter Cultural Program. It gave both of communities a chance to mingle, understand and learn from each other's culture. Many other activities such as Tree Plantation Pledge, Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign, etc. took place that made it a year worth remembering..

Student Name : Tisya Singh
Class : 10th