COVID-19: A Virus That Changed the World

COVID-19, the most devastating global pandemic, has almost shattered the world. With more than 3.2 million positive cases worldwide and 233 thousand plus deaths an on, it has proved to be the deadliest disease of the decade. On one side the lives of people are shattered, thousands of families are ruined and global economy on the other side has lapsed. People who work and earn on daily basis are deprived of basic amenities. Though governments are taking tangible steps to ensure that no family sleeps empty stomach but still the poor is the hardest hit. Apart from few communal and group instances, one thing for which we all are proud of is that several individuals along with NGO’s have taken initiative to support the needy & hungry with a helping hand. Some of them are donating ration items and others can be seen distributing cooked meals. Amongst this, some people even came up with the idea of giving cash to the needy.

Today, everyone be it IT professionals, schools, colleges etc. are working from home, trying their best to keep the work going. The service provided by the doctors, nurses, policeman and the cleaning staff onsite is commendable with no words to describe what they are going through. Remember, when the titanic was sinking and the band kept playing, they all part of that band!

With such a mixed bag of sequential events with battle between life and death, between economy and recession and between food and hunger, the only hope to stop this virus from affecting new souls each day is social distancing and maintaining self-hygiene.

Yet, the after effects of lockdown and the crisis associated with it cannot be neglected. The vendors of shops who sell the so-called “non essential” items are victimised. Now, we as true patriots must take a pledge to buy items from local shops and small businessmen. Let us buy Indian brands and contribute to the economy on our part. This will not only help in gaining back the lost economy but will also ensure that economic crisis end soon.

This too shall pass!

Student Name : Adishree Mathur
Class : 10th